pittsburgh, pennsylvania

This new residence, located in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood, was commissioned for a growing family. Within the existing rusticated concrete block walls of a turn-of-the-century, one-story tin shop and warehouse, a strategy of volumetrically "pushing and pulling" internal and external space above and below the datum of the existing roof creates public and private living spaces.

A series of courtyards are carved into the floor plan and act as "exterior rooms" for both public and private uses. One courtyard serves as the entry court, another as the dining/living outdoor patio, and the third as a private court for the in-law's guest suite. These courtyards also act as "lens" bringing daylight deeper into the living spaces.

The interior of the home is centered on a double-height living space which visually connects the upper level playroom, roof terrace and walkway with the open living, dining, and kitchen areas below, while also allowing northen and western light to filter into the lower level. The childrens' playroom, located on an intermediate level, is integrated into the private sequence to the more private study and bedroom areas on the second floor.

The new residence extends up past the existing walls creating a new structure made of cement board panels and corten steel sheets. A series of roof terraces, both public and private, provide dramatic views of the urban context.